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CPAP Intolerance

You Are Not Alone.

Many patients just cannot wear their CPAP. Common complaints are:

Choosing to go untreated may not be a safe choice!



James Lillenberg DDS Can work with you and your sleep physician to help you manage your OSA properly with an oral appliance.

Our St. Louis Dentist Can Help You Treat Your Sleep Apnea

Since your OSA is a medical condition, oral appliance therapy is often covered by your medical insurance. In order to begin treatment, we will need a written prescription from your sleep physician to make you an appliance. Call us for a free consultation & we will contact your sleep physician.

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  • Discomfort while using the face mask
  • Feeling claustrophobic during use
  • Skin irritation around the mask
  • Inability to find a comfortable fit
  • Annoyance with air pressure sound
  • Inability to meet the demands of cleaning
  • Restricted movement, sleep positions, travel, etc.
  • Discomfort when dealing with congestion, allergies, colds, etc.



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    Dr. Lillenberg accepts most insurance plans and offers flexible financing options.

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